Police rescue businessman

Police rescue businessman

Gang had abducted him for Rs 1 cr ransom

 Radhakrishna was freed from his abductors on the Adi Narayana Swamy hills near Gauribidanaur. Ramesh and Maruthi were arrested while four others-- Suri, Shivaram, Nagaraju and Prakash --managed to escape. The gang had tortured Radhakrishna.

Sources said that the gang had abducted Radhakrishna when he was near Bagepalli on Monday and took him to the Adi Narayana Swamy hills. They called Radhakrishna’s wife Sudha and demanded a ransom of Rs one crore.

A complaint was lodged at the Banashankari police station.

Sources said the gang targeted Radhakrishna as he had claimed that he had the General Power of Attorney (GPA) for 220 acres of land.  Ramesh, a member of the gang who came in contact with him, tipped off Maruthi and his associates.

Wanting to make some fast buck, the gang decided to abduct Radhakrishna.

Professional kidnappers

About 20 days ago, the same gang had kidnapped a businessman from Andhra Pradesh and released the victim after receiving Rs 30 lakh as ransom.

Police said that the bravery and patience on the part of Sudha helped them solve the case.

The police team asked Sudha to open a conversation channel with the gang; she bargained with them and brought the ransom amount down to Rs 32 lakh.

After changing the venue a few times, the gang finally asked her to bring to money to a place near the foothills of the Adi Narayana Swamy temple, at 6.30 pm.

Plainclothesmen, who had surrounded the temple premises, nabbed the gang members when they arrived to collect the ransom.