Flu screening to continue at BIA

Flu screening to continue at BIA

Dr C Anbazhagan, Regional Director for Karnataka in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare told Deccan Herald that the airport being the primary entry point, tracking continues to be the focus of doctors posted here.

“The death at Pune has now created huge panic among people here. The problem lies with the unpredictable nature of H1N1. Mutation of the virus is very common. So, each confirmed and reported case increases fear and curiosity. However, there is no cause for worry or anxiety” said Dr Anbazhagan.

The ministry that has been overseeing the screening process of all arriving passengers, has so far screened more than 2.9 lakh people at BIA, with a team of 12 doctors and 12 nurses working round-the-clock in six counters.

 “As far as the screening goes, we are even more vigilant than the virus was first reported. The process that began on April 29 is continuing with more vigour, leaving no scope for any relaxation. Even as few nations, such as Singapore have withdrawn the screening process, the Government of India is of the opinion to continue it,” added Dr Anbazhagan.

So far, the ministry has distributed 5000 tamiflu/oseltamivir tablets to the RGICD, while having an additional stock of 12,000 more tablets.

“A strip of ten capsules costs Rs 1000. As the government continues to have control over its distribution, it helps us track and monitor the number of patients infected or treated. It would have been impossible to check this figure, if we had allowed it to be sold over the retail counter” said Dr Anbazhagan.