Ten easy oral care tips

Ten easy oral care tips

The mouth, a commonly ignored part of our body, is key to the overall wellbeing and good looks. Studies indicate that poor oral hygiene and gum problems may be linked to diabetes, cardiovascular problems, stroke, pre-term low birth weight babies and other problems. Apart from these larger health issues, tooth aches, cavities, gum problems and bad breath are common problems that plague most people despite brushing.
So what can be done to avoid these oral-care problems? The most important thing to remember is that brushing by itself does not solve all oral problems, it’s important to follow a full oral care routine along with a healthy lifestyle.

To help you get into that oral-care mode, here are a few easy to follow tips that will give you a perfectly clean mouth and a confident smile! These tips can be easily incorporated into your routine, no matter what your profession or lifestyle. All these are preventive steps that you can do at home by yourself. So let’s get going!

*Brush twice a day for at least 3-5 minutes. Brushing at night is as important as brushing in the morning. In the morning, it helps to give fresh breath and remove the bacteria built up from the night before. At night brushing helps to remove the bacteria build up from the day and food particles that can ferment in the mouth resulting in problems. 

*The correct brushing technique involves placing the bristles along the gum line at a 45-degree angle. Gently brush the outer tooth surface using a vibrating back and forth motion. Clean outer, inner and biting surfaces of teeth with scrubbing motion.

*Rinse with an essential oil-based mouthwash after brushing. Studies show mouthwash with essential oil-based ingredients such as eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate and thymol reduce plaque by 70 per cent and gum problems by 36 per cent over brushing alone.

*Floss regularly as that cleans the space between your teeth.

*Visit a dentist every six months even when you don’t have any visible problem.

*Get a cleaning done from a dentist once a year as the doctor will not only clean your teeth, spaces between the teeth but also check for any cavity or other oral problems etc.

*Include dairy products in your diet as these will not only give you healthy teeth but also healthy bones.

*Have your daily supply of Vitamin C rich food items as they ensure healthy gums.

*Reduce or limit those extra cups of coffee, cigarettes, sugar-loaded food items as these adversely affect your oral and overall health.

*Last but not the least; never turn a blind eye to oral problems like bleeding gums, bad breath and sensitivity to hot and cold foods. See a dentist at the earliest.

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