PM promises forward looking law on land acquisition

PM promises forward looking law on land acquisition

PM promises forward looking law on land acquisition

Taking note of the tensions caused in some parts of the country because of acquisition of land for industry, infrastructure and urbanisation, the Prime Minister said the government will ensure that "no injustice is done to anyone in the process of land acquisition."
He said, "Our farmers have been especially affected by such acquisition. Land acquisition is no doubt necessary for projects of public interest. But it should take place in a transparent and fair manner. The interests of those whose livelihoods are dependent on the land being acquired should be fully protected."

Singh said the government wants to replace the 117-year-old land acquisition law by a new Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation law which is forward looking and balanced.
"We have already prepared a draft legislation and have initiated steps to build consensus on it. We will soon introduce a Bill in Parliament to this end," he said.
The first government draft on Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill is already out for people's suggestions, while the ministry proposes to put out an additional second draft on it soon.

The drafts will then be transformed in a bill by the law department before it goes to Cabinet. After Cabinet's approval, it will go to Parliament.

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi had evinced interest in the new land acquisition law and met the Prime Minister formally at least twice over the issue.
A few months back he had taken up the cause of the farmers protesting land acquisition by the Mayawati government in Greater Noida.

Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council had also made several recommendations for the land law, many of which have found their inclusion in the new bill.

The second draft of the Bill aims to implement the provisions for a better deal to land-owners even when the land acquired measures 50 acres and above if it is for urbanisation purpose.

As per the first draft of the bill, rehabilitation and resettlement provisions are applicable only when private companies buy land equal to or more than 100 acres on their own.
Announcing this, Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh had said a few days back, "We should make some distinction between urbanisation and industrialisation. Both industrialisation and urbanisation should not be treated equally. Now a days, all misuse is happening in the name of industrialisation."