Struggle must go on, says Hazare

Civil society vs govt: United opposition demands statement from prime minister

Hazare appealed to both employed and students to take leave for eight days to serve the nation. He also appealed to them to court arrest for eight days. “Stay in the jail for eight days if necessary for your mother nation,” said the Gandhian.

Anticipating his arrest, Anna’s supporters had recorded the video which was posted on YouTube immediately thereafter. The message addressed to the nation starts with the appeal to continue “the second freedom struggle.”

The Gandhian asked his supporters to strictly follow the rules of Satyagraha and be non-violent. “Please remember satyagraha is all about penance to our own self which is being felt by others. This is the real essence of Satyagraha,” he said.

Morning swoop

It was an early morning crackdown at 7:05. Anna was just coming out from the lift in an apartment in east Delhi to proceed to the Rajghat when policemen informed him that he was under preventive detention and would have to go with them. Anna asked what his crime was. The officials referred to an order from above, say witnesses.

But to move him away from the venue was far from easy for the police as supporters blocked their way and raised slogans at least for one hour. The police somehow moved him away in a white Innova car to the Officers’ Mess in north Delhi. Team Anna members Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia were arrested along with Anna.

Anna named a second row of leaders who would take care of the agitation after his arrest. However, most leaders except Prashant Bhushan were arrested. Team Anna members Kiran Bedi and Shanti Bhusan were arrested soon after his arrest. Shanti Bhushan was on his way to the Rajghat when he was arrested. The social activist has taken pity on the government for they could not “understand the reality.” “This is a struggle for change and until and unless this change comes, the system will not get on the right track,” Anna said in his message.

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