'There's more to life than size zero'


The one time famous ‘size zero’ that was popularised by actress Kareena Kapoor and later became a benchmark of sorts for many young girls and actress alike, is no longer craved by many.

Youngsters tell Metrolife how they are over the whole size zero phenomena. Not only do they call it unreal but they also say that one tends to look anorexic and unhealthy in size zero.

“I think the whole size zero phenomena was just a phase. Before Kareena Kapoor, it wasn’t even that popular or in vogue. I personally never liked it as people look so thin that it almost looks unhealthy. I guess right now, the curves are definitely back — be it on the ramp, movies or in real life. Moreover, even Kareena has lost the size zero tag and put on some weight,” says Naaila, a student.

Many agree with Naaila. But there are also those who say that being a particular size should be a personal decision. “It’s not fair to say something is in and out of fashion.

There are few who are naturally thin and can’t help it. It is bad if an individual is taking extreme measure to be in a particular shape. One must listen to the body and eat healthy. There is life beyond size zero,” says Pankaja, a fitness trainer.

Many actresses are constantly under pressure to be in a certain body frame to look good on screen. Model-turned-actress Ragini Dwivedi says that according to her, a good body has always been about staying fit. “Being ultra skinny is never good for an actress.

Curves symbolise femininity. I don’t understand what the big deal about ‘size zero’ is. I think being fit is the way to go,” she adds. Ask the fashion designers and they too say that size zero is passe now. Ramesh Dembla, a City-based designer, says that it’s all about being fit in the fashion circuit.

“Size zero is no longer an in thing this year. Most actresses and models are moving towards a positive body image and choosing to stay fit. Even when a designer goes about designing clothes, he or she keeps a healthy body frame in mind that works for all kinds of clothes,” he adds.

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