A scene from the film Agyaat.

“Boo,” said Ram Gopal Varma. And Agyaat goes bust. The maverick director’s motive remains unknown (like the film’s title) and the doctor almost prescribes an antacid to digest the climax.

A film unit lands in a jungle for a shoot and gets knocked out one by one. This time, the RGV brand of horror consists of trees and leaves. So the attacks are out of the green.  The “thing” doesn’t have a form, and as if to make up for it, arrives with some spectacular sound effects. So the toll rises every time there is a screech or swish in the bush. Priyanka (erstwhile Nisha) Kothari still mistakes pouting for acting, and screams around the woods half-naked.

The crew also shoots an item song in the jungle so that Ms Pout can use her curves too.
Then there is a superstar who throws his weight all around and a director who keeps chewing on a pencil (maybe the censor board didn’t give him cigarettes).

The director gets a bit curious in the jungle.  Well, everyone knows what happened to the curious cat.

Even as the actors turn meal to the “unknown”, the hero (Telugu star Nitin in a decent act) finds time to profess his love for the leading lady, who is now bleeding from leech attacks.
Ram Gopal Varma admits he has been inspired by Predator and Blair Witch Project, but Agyaat — The Unknown is best left unseen.

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