Jackson's brain reunited with body

Jackson's brain reunited with body

The ‘Thriller’ hitmaker who died seven weeks ago after a suspected cardiac arrest, had his brain surgically removed for testing, but the organ has now been replaced in his body.
Morticians at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills, where the pop legend will be laid to rest in an unmarked grave, are now preparing his body for burial, reported Daily Mail online.

The burial was not expected to include any formal ceremony and would probably be attended by two family members who will act as witnesses.

Jackson will be buried in an anonymous plot after his family decided against a Graceland-like memorial at Jackson’s Neverland ranch near Santa Barbara, California.
The singer’s family had a public fall-out over the burial place with his brother Jermaine vouching for a burial at Neverland, but the idea was vetoed by their mother Katherine Jackson. The idea was shelved for fear of people coming to ridicule the singer, desecrate his grave, or even steal his body.

Jackson’s body has been put through three post-mortems, including one performed by private doctors hired by his family.

The Los Angeles police department and the Drug Enforcement Agency are still probing the sudden death of Jackson on June 25 and homicide is being counted as one of the possibilities.

Meanwhile the website TMZ, which first reported Jackson’s death has claimed to have got a leaked copy of the star’s toxicology reports.

Jackson’s body contained lethal amounts of the anesthetic Propofol and substantial amounts of the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, reported the website.