A melodious finale

A melodious finale


It was the last of the musical Saturday evenings at TimeOut, last weekend.

Bangalore-based band Insane took the stage as the Reliance TimeOut Rock Fest 2009, a month long fest celebrating music, came to an end. The grand finale of the fest, which featured bands like Eveda Chechi, Prometheus, Barracuda Blues and Blues Cocoa, was well-loved and enjoyed by most people present.

Insane is young band that comprises Abhijit on lead, Anand on bass, Sachin on drums and Chetan on guitar and vocals. The group went on to play a few of its own compositions as well as popular covers. 

Unfortunately, unlike the other concerts held during the festival, this event started more than an hour late with most music-lovers waiting. The band took a while to set its equipment. Nevertheless, once everything was set, and the members started playing, they made up for it by playing good music.

They kick-started the show with a classic by The Doors called Roadhouse Blues, and adding their own flavour to the song, they did justice to it as well. Insane then, went on to play another cover, a famous rock n roll number called Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry.
The band also played some of its own compositions like We Rock, which was an instrumental played by three of the members.

“Everybody has a dream and we have a dream to fly,” said the vocalist Abhjit to the crowd, before starting Aviation Desire, another self composed track. Since the band’s music was a mix of rock, jazz and funk, it was enjoyed by people of all age groups, including a section of the shoppers, who came in to purchase. Most people sang along with the band during their rendition of the popular classics.