Two to tango

Two to tango

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You can call Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna avant garde designers. For they are clear on what they are doing: Serious designing and a strict no to styling. No wonder, they are among the very few in the profession who have consciously stayed away from designing for Bollywood.

The first to introduce pret men’s wear in 1997, when pret was unknown to the fashion world, the duo is among the hottest names in the world of design.

The two started CUE 10 years ago to introduce comfortable and easy to wear clothing . “It was just meant to give people a cue into different types of fashion. There is no compulsion of any sort,” Rohit told Metrolife.

CUE draws inspiration from linear structures, geometrical lines wallpaper and is greatly influenced by modern contemporary art. The look is minimalist and the clothing is contemporary and structured.

The focus lies on clothes that are tailored and put together with apparent effortless finesse.

Rohit opened his own store H2O which lays emphasis on fabrics, engineered cuts and details. Linear forms, geometrical lines and architectural structures serve as the main references.

Art and places inspire the two designers a great deal. The life and busy streets of New York, Tokyo, Toronto and New Jersey are reflected in the designs of Rohit and Rahul.  
They don’t mix art and fashion but take their cue from the works of well-known artists. They started Pallete, a contemporary art studio to preserve, collect and showcase art collected from across the world.

“We sensibly borrow and replicate while keeping the identity of the art work intact. Art for us is a serious vocation as well,” says Rohit.

Why have they stayed away from Bollywood? “It requires a great deal of time and commitment. We would rather spend the time going out and exploring a new world than spend endless time on the sets,” says Rahul.

Rohit and Rahul admire the fashion sense of Bangaloreans. “The Bangalore wallahs keep it cool and trendy. What’s even more intriguing is that they’re up to date with the latest in the fashion circuit,” says Rohit.

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