Conquering with cool

Blazing guns, bodies felled like nine pins, screeching cars, menacing men at each other’s throat, that’s Mankatha for you. With gamblers and gangsters battling it out, pitting brain and brawn to outwit one another, there is no respite from the fusillade and fireworks.

As bookies go bonkers, a suspended cop takes on a colleague, crores in contention with claimants aplenty. Venkat Prabhu’s Mankatha is one hell of a high octane, adrenaline driving potboiler leaving you panting for breath.

Right from first frame to final freeze, it’s Thala Ajith, as suspended cop Vinayak Mahadevan, who scorches the screen, given that Mankatha is his 50th film.  He locks horns with his bete noire in khaki ACP Prithiviraj (Arjun), to lay hands on dollar booty bet on IPL matches.

It’s rather painful and petrifying time as a villainous and venomous Vinayak with his cronies and plucky and persevering Prithiviraj with his special task force, indulge in shoot and snipe game to get at the Rs 500 crore cache. In between you have Vinayak romancing  sensuous Sanjana (Trisha).

Who cops it out? Who gets the loot? Who gets decimated? Troop in to a theatre near you to find out.  Mankatha is strictly for Ajith fans, who has a wholesome blast, puffing, bulldozing his way and bedding belles by the dozen like there is no tomorrow.

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