A matter of honour

A matter of honour


It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

— J K Rowling in ‘Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.’

Why do we always face
Oh! So many choices?
Why is it hard to ignore
All those inner voices?

Shriya and Hansa were friends who were good in studies. However, on one occasion they happened to be busy practising for a school musical, a month prior to their final exams. And so, their preparation for the examination was not good enough.

It so happened that Rhea, a brilliant classmate of theirs, was seated right between these two friends during the exam. And the seating arrangement was such that both of them could easily see Rhea’s answer sheets without much effort. Hansa chose to avail of this chance and save herself the embarrassment of a poor performance.

She quietened her inner voice by rationalising that it was Rhea’s fault for not being careful. She told herself that since she had been a good student throughout the year and was not able to prepare well because of the show, her marks should not dip for no fault of hers.

However, Shriya decided not to even glance towards Rhea. She made up her mind to study thoroughly,  in  future.

When the results were out, as expected, Hansa’s results were good, but she was confused. She heard the applause but deep within she knew that she didn’t deserve it.

Having got away scotfree despite choosing the wrong path, she feared she would attempt to cheat again and again, probably till she was caught and reprimanded. Would it form into a habit by then? She did not feel comfortable with the idea of being a habitual cheater!

And, in all honesty, that was not a nice feeling at all.

On the other hand, in spite of scoring low marks, Shriya was guilt-free. In fact, she had learnt her lesson and resolved to correct her faults.

Who do you think was wiser?

There are many occasions in life when we find ourselves at a crossroads.
There is also a strong voice in our heads that wants to direct us. This voice is usually right because it is conditioned by the values which our parents, teachers and well-wishers have instilled in us over the years.

We have often seen, in cartoons and movies, how a devil and an angel come out of a person and fight with each other in times of such conflicts, and the winner decides for the person.

Sadly, in reality, it is not so simple. Each one of us has to decide for ourselves and then bear the consequences of our decisions.

Many times we behave in a certain way because of peer pressure. We don’t want to be seeing as ‘boring’.

But, if we trust our instincts and stay with what that tiny voice tells us, then we are sure to be happy.

It is better to walk alone than to blindly follow the herd that we might lose ourselves in!

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