Importance of faith

Importance of faith

He was particularly noted for the brilliance of his intellect, incisive logic and powers of abstraction during which periods he made observations on various matters concerning the everyday lives of people, which are as relevant today as they were during his times.

Following are examples of his observations on the importance of time and belief in God.
Every moment of our lives is precious. We must therefore spend time in a useful manner.

Time has to be spent in a way that does not disturb your or others mental equilibrium.
The mind should never be allowed to be idle or think about matters that may excite your passions. If not anything else, engage your mind in matters related to philosophy and spirituality, however abstract it may be. Now consider this.

Every moment of his life, man is beset with innumerable problems. Man desires not only freedom from troubles, but also the fulfillment of his desires, which again are innumerable. Under these circumstances, if man has a friend whom he can rely upon to help him, will it not be a great consolation for him? If this friend has to be capable of solving all his problems and fulfilling all his desires, then he indeed must possess infinite powers.

Otherwise, it will be like one poor man trying to solve the financial problem of another or an enfeebled man trying to support another. So, what must be the qualities of such a person who can help man overcome his troubles? He must firstly have the capacity to help the one in trouble and also the will to help. Also, this friend must himself be free from troubles of any sort.

He must be ever ready to help, wherever and whenever needed. In other words, he must be omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Maybe such a friend is only a hypothetical being. But to even believe in the existence of such a super-friend gives the troubled man some relief. Do not dismiss this as mere speculation.

It is like you implicitly believe the words of a stranger on the road whom you ask for directions to locate some address. Do you doubt the veracity of his words? Similarly, do not doubt the words of our ancient seers who proclaimed that this all knowing powerful friend is God.

Have faith in their words. Feel the waves of peace coursing within you. Then you will realise that time is not meant to be spent in some aimless pursuit, but in a manner that gives you joy and peace.’