17 TV interviews in 11 hours: Talkathon for Hazare

17 TV interviews in 11 hours: Talkathon for Hazare

Hazare spoke for about 11 hours giving interviews to 17 TV channels, his first interviews after his 12-day fast in the capital demanding a strong Lokpal Bill last month.

Hazare, who reached here in early September after spending four days in hospital after his fast, had refrained from interacting with media till yesterday though he made public appearances in the sprawling compound of the Padmavati Devi temple trust hostel where he is staying now.

He also chaired the two-day meeting of his anti- corruption movement core group committee on September 10-11.

"It was decided to give time slots to 17 TV channels yesterday. Though tired, Anna kept his word and obliged all channels talking continuously since early morning to night in a marathon interview session lasting about 11 hours," said one of his close aides.

The interview sessions also witnessed "skirmishes" between TV crew as they could not agree to sequence and timing of the interaction, leading to heated exchanges when the embargo decided upon were jumped by some channels.