Savour the popular snacks

Savour the popular snacks


As the name suggests, the place serves breakfast items and a range of snacks like chakkuli, nippattu and biscuits.

According to the owner, Suryanarayana Ganapati Bhat, there is a reason behind choosing the name.

“I come from Yellapur in North Canara district. We were brought up in poverty and we could not afford higher education. I struggled a lot to come up in my life and have faced a lot of difficulties. I know the importance of food. Hence, I found that name very appropriate for my business.”

Suryanarayana Bhat has been in this business since 1992 and has been serving hygienic and homely food. His shop is popularly known as ‘Bhattara Hotel’ among the customers. He opens it at 7 am and offers breakfast items like idli, chitranna and dosas.

For lunch, he serves anna-sambar and other rice items. Along with these, one can order tea and coffee with a range of snack items.

 “Earlier, I had kept labourers and used to offer much variety. Now because of labour problems, I started managing on my own. That’s why I had to limit my menu to few items. But people like the items I prepare and I have been getting excellent feedback from the customers,” he adds.

As the place is tiny, people like to take the food packed. Only after taking the order, Suryanarayan Bhat prepares the rice items and therefore they are fresh. He keeps the rice and masala ready and mixes them according to the demand. Most people like his food joint as they get fresh items here.

“I like the soft idlis offered here with the aromatic coconut chutney. I come to this place to savour the tasty chutney and even chitranna tastes excellent. The place is clean and the food contains no preservatives and colouring agents,” says Ravishankar, a resident of Katriguppe East. Along with coffee and tea, the corner also serves cold butter milk in salty and sweet flavours. The shop operates from 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays. For details, call

Suryanarayana on 26917444.