FMSCI thumbs up for circuit

FMSCI thumbs up for circuit

Chandhok and organisers Jaypee Sports rubbish reports of incompleteness

set for action: Buddh International Circuit is all set to host the inaugural Formula One Indian GP on October 30. AP

These reports have, however, emphatically been dismissed by Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India president Vicky Chandhok and a source from organisers Jaypee Sports International (JPSI).

Talking to Deccan Herald over phone on Friday, Chandhok -- a former rally driver and the father of Team Lotus reserve driver Karun -- promised that the circuit would be ready in time for the race, adding that the ‘operative parts’ of the race wee already in place.

“The circuit is ready to go,” said Chandhok. “The inspection conducted by (FIA race inspector) Charlie Whiting on September 1 went off exceedingly well. Charlie who was very impressed with the BIC, and when I met him in Monza last week, he said he was looking forward to coming to India and taking a look at the track again.”

Stressing on the remarkable progress at the track, Chandhok said: “Work on the track is complete and Jaypee have lived up to their promise. There is work left to be done with the stands and such, but like in most parts of the world, that will go on till only days before the race itself.

“Race control, garages and the medical are all done. Recently, the FIA’s Medical Commisioner had a look at the medical centre and was more than satisfied with all the facilities.”

Talking about the track, which he and his crew inspected at 6 pm on Friday, the JPSI source said: “Finishing touches are being given and the entire facility will be ready by the end of September. The grand stand and the temporary stands have come up. “Basically, it’s cleaning that we are into now. There’s a lot of debris, fencing and little aspects such as that,” said the source of the finishing touches.

The 5.14km track, designed by renowned German architect and racetrack designer Herman Tilke, is expected to be one of the fastest, safest tracks in the world. But with JPSI not allowing media personel to enter the facility, it has been subject to a lot of rumours.  

“A 30-40 member group from Herman Tilke’s company and people from our company all worked hard to make this track truly world class. There is nothing about this track that one can pick on once they have seen it. We at JPSI believe in quality and we intend to make this a great facility. We are not allowing anyone to enter the track because we want this to be a bumper surprise. We want the whole world to realise how grand the facility is. We do not want to showcase it now, having kept it under wraps for so long,” the source said.

The final track licence inspection will take place in the week before the race, but from all indications, it appears as if there will be no repeat of the Commonwealth Games fiasco.