'Katte Roga' mars lemon, orange trees in Kalasa

'Katte Roga' mars lemon, orange trees in Kalasa

This lush greenery continues to stay till winter. While this green surroundings bring cool weather in the region and tranquility to heart, it has an adverse affect on the horticulture crops growing in the region. The example for this is the plight of citrus fruits like lemon and oranges.

The lemon and orange trees have developed a condition of fruits and leaves turning yellow. The disease is known as ‘Katte Roga’ and is said to be caused due to prolonged cold and moist weather conditions.

In the past this disease used to be seen rarely, for a brief period, during the end of monsoon.

But this year, since the rain is lashing even during September, this disease has infested almost every plantation.

Once the fruits and leaves turn yellow, they fall off. The plants are left behind only with thin twigs. The weak plants die soon. So far the farmers have not found any solution for the problem.

“Once the plant is affected by this disease then we have to write it off as dead,”say most of the growers.

Lemon trees in the plantation bring added income. Orange plants are also good source of income for small farmers. However, this year the farmers who have lost their main crops are seeing their hopes tumble with mixed crops too developing diseases.