Solid waste management scheme in Mangalore soon

Solid waste management scheme in Mangalore soon

If the scheme is implemented in the city corporation limits, then there would be no dust bins overflowing beside the road or in any residential areas, thus creating problems to the residents and passersby.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, in-charge MCC Commissioner Dr K N Vijayaprakash said the technical evaluation committee is verifying the details of the scheme. The technical bid will be closed soon and preparations are being made to open the financial bid for the scheme. Once the technical and financial bid is cleared, then the proposal will be sent to the government for approval.

In fact, the MCC had invited bids for the implementation of the three package scheme on January 15, 2010. However, the bid notification was quashed following the direction of the state government to make some revision in the scheme.

Dr Vijayaprakash said the estimated cost of the three package scheme is Rs 11.52 crore. Similar packages have been effectively followed in Surath and Pune. The scheme aims at making Mangalore city clean.

Under the scheme, the 60 wards in the MCC will be divided into North and South zones. Two contractors will handle the solid waste in these wards separately. The contractors will have to go for door-to-door collection of waste, street sweeping, clearing vegetation, cleaning of road dividers and footpaths. They will have to transport the solid waste to the compost plant and dumping yard at Pachanady. The third package will cover operation and maintenance of the compost plant and sanitary landfill site at Pachanady.
With the help of ADB, the KUDCEMP had set up solid waste management unit at the cost of Rs 6.48 crore and sanitary landfill site at the cost of Rs 9.39 crore which was inaugurated in 2008. However, owing to the technical problems, the unit could not be used effectively. As per the plan, about 120 tonne solid waste was supposed to be disposed in the unit. However, as the waste is not seggregated at the source, it has affected the functioning of the compost unit as well.

Mechanised sweeping of select roads and beach cleaning will be other salient features of the new scheme.