CBI to seek extension of Reddys' custody

CBI to seek extension of Reddys' custody

GJR will be taken to Bellary for opening family lockers

The CBI will have to present both the accused before the CBI Special Court at Nampally on Monday morning.

According to CBI officials, Reddy will be brought to Bellary either on Monday or Tuesday for opening the lockers belonging to him and his family which might throw more light on the activities of the Obulapuram Mining Company (OMC).

They said they have plans to seek permission to conduct polygraph and narco analysis on Janardhana Reddy, Srinivas Reddy and three others. While Srinivas is reportedly cooperating, the tainted BJP leader is playing tough with the investigators.

“Is that my signature? I don’t remember to have signed it” was his comment when asked about some documents he had signed for in connection with investments all over Andhra Pradesh and overseas with the ill-gotten money.

On Saturday, Srinivas Reddy almost led the CBI officials on a crazy hunt during the search of bank lockers after reaching Bellary he had said that he did not have the keys for all lockers. The CBI officials with the permission of bank officials had then broke open six of the lockers.

The OMC and Gali’s men had occupied 200 of the 350 lockers at the Axis bank in Bellary. Ten lockers belonged to Gali family. The six lockers searched on Saturday revealed 15 kilograms of gold, platinum jewellery besides about Rs 3 crore. Most of the gold is imported gold biscuits and ornaments from Dubai, they said.

The CBI officials have been re-checking the quality of iron ore of the OMC region and the one the Gali’s men had exported and earned huge profits.

In collaboration with the NDMC and the IBM,  the CBI has prepared a chart  that the iron ore samples of the leased land of 68.5 hectares of  OMC was only 34 per cent while the ore allegedly exported was of 62 per cent quality grade.

The CBI is working on finding the source of the high quality ore stocked and exported from the OMC yards.

Investigators say the OMC had exported 28.20 lakh tonnes of ore in all and earned a sum of Rs 896 crore during its entire operations of 2007-10. However, it is now found that OMC had excavated only 40,387 tonnes in the leased area of 68.5 hectares.  

Not only Gali, but officials of the mining department and those in transport will now  be held responsible for illegal mining, its transport and export through ships during the 2007-10, sources said.