Dressed to kill!

Dressed to kill!

Arla Lyngdoh

Stylish clothes and the ability to carry them off is something which plays on every youngster’s mind. There is always the hunger to try and look unique and to stand out in a group. Most youngsters crave to become trendsetters through their style. But
the style, sometimes, are over the top.

One notices that there are two extreme styles of dressing in a campus. On one hand, you find a chunk of students dressed in khadi, while on the other hand, there are the funky ones.The more subtle ones, called the ‘elite class’, are spotted in khadi, predominantly in Christ College and in Chitra Kala Parishath.
The funky tribe comes in unusual combination of short skirts over leggings, more than one tee shirt worn at a time and a number of accessories on their hands, fingers, ears and legs. They liked to be ‘hep’ and want to be the first ones to set a trend. And to cater to them, there are various new clothes and accessories doing its rounds in the market like tunics, swanky skirts in bright colours and rings with beads. 

Alok from Chitra Kala Parishath says, “I find khadi clothes modern in its own way, it does not need a special occasion to be worn and is catching up extremely well among most of us in college. It looks very good when worn with jeans and sets me apart from the rest.”
However, Tam from Mount Carmel College, says, she loves “dressing up in low-waist jeans, short tops, tee shirts and  similar clothes as it is always in fashion, and adds to the uniqueness of my dressing style.” These college-goers also find piercing of ears, navels and eyebrows trendy. It is very important for them to be ‘hep’ as they fear being expelled from their group or being tagged outdated.

Arla Lyngdoh from M S Ramaiah College says, “I am much comfortable in a contemporary dress with a classic touch. They make me feel comfortable, looks very decorous and appears modest.  I mostly go for Western outfits, which makes me look presentable and decent.”  The common favourite of most youngsters, however, seems to be the all-time popular jeans as they say that it is comfortable, has great fit, looks decent, can be worn even if it is slightly dirty and does not have to worry about the old stubborn stains. After all, aren’t jeans meant to look dirty and frazzled?
In any given college in the City, it’s hard to miss these two brand of youngsters and their clear cut mode of dressing.

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