The right platform for growth

The right platform for growth

Opening Vistas

Mesmerising: Ugesh Sarcar, a street magician, will perform during the conference.

The conference will include speeches, performances and workshops which will give students exposure to different forms of visual arts, writing, as well as science and technology.

The speakers for the conference include well-known names such as cricketer Robin Uthappa; Shantanu Moitra, the music composer for the film 3 Idiots; street magician Ugesh Sarcar and Shailaja Gupta, creative designer of Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie Ra.One.

It will also include accomplished individuals doing various interesting things, like Heer Singh, who teaches break dance to slum children.

About the conference, a representative from Kids INK, and one of the organisers of the event, said that it was created with the intention of exploring the overall potential of children. “Most kids go to schools that have a strict curriculum but it’s important to give them an overall perspective as well. We honestly believe that children are very smart, and we were trying to figure out different ways to inspire them and get them to think out of the box,” she explained.

And the best way to do that, it was decided, was to bring them into contact with different speakers who could talk to students about how they started off with their careers.

“Robin Uthappa didn’t just start off being Robin Uthappa. He must have put in hours of practice and training to reach where he is. We wanted to include different people who would talk to the children about how important the journey itself is,”
she said.

While the conference includes some prominent names in the fields of art, science and sports, there were a few factors that INK had to keep in mind while organising it.

Since children do not like sitting down and listening to talks for a long period of time, the organisers of Kids INK have included afternoon workshops in the programme.

In fact, one of the participants will be Aravind Gupta, who will show the children how to conduct scientific experiments simply by using everyday trash.

Kids INK will also make an effort to encourage parent-child bonding. The workshops and talks include the parents of the participating children as well. As one of the organisers elaborated, “We are trying to initiate conversations between parents and children, and remove the disconnect that exists between them.”