MAC impact: Minister assures quality works

MAC impact: Minister assures quality works

He assured him that he will ensure that all road repair/asphalting/tarring works will be according to the specifications as laid down in the Indian Road Congress provisions, pointed out by road expert H R Bapu Satyanarayana and other members of MAC, according to a press release from MAC volunteer Vasanth Kumar Mysoremath.

Ramdas has also appreciated the civil society's concern in proper implementation of infrastructure projects in Mysore, the release added.

However, the vounteers will be keeping a close watch about such public related projects from now onwards.  MAC requests people of Mysore to be vigilant against errant contractors and others who are trying to hoodwink people by laying roads in the dead of the night to escape accountability, said the release. 

MAC also requests citizens to form activity groups in their neighborhood and report ambiguities to MAC volunteers as and when public related projects are being executed in their areas.  Unless otherwise, they are a part of the vigilance group, people will have to suffer poor services from the authorities. 

MAC requests people to send an SMS "I support MAC' with name and locality to mobile No.9742020970 for creating data base of supporters of MAC, said the release.