'Inputs from Kumble, Dravid were useful'

'Inputs from Kumble, Dravid were useful'

“Anil chaired a session on Tuesday and spoke about what he expects from the umpires as a captain, bowler and player. It was very informative,” Taufel said.

“It was a good seminar and we have made progress from the time we started two years back. The bunch of umpires here are enthusiastic and super keen, and they do some good team-work. Prof Ratnakar Shetty (BCCI CEO) has mentioned that this education programme for umpires has made a difference over the years and the feedback was good,” Taufel said.

The Australian said the seminar touched upon a vareity of issues over the last one week.

“We dealt with mental toughness, physical fitness, wet weather conditions and the resultant calculations, bad light appraisal and its interpretation in varying conditions like when a fast bowler is bowling or when a spinner is operating, self-analysis about decisions etc.

“We also had a bad light simulation exercise at the Chinnaswamy stadium on Tuesday and we taught the umpires on the correct reading of the light meter device and the need to interpret it correctly and consistently so that all the umpires have the same verdict,” he detailed.