'Time will heal everything'

'Time will heal everything'

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'Time will heal everything'

He may not have had the best run in movies like Aashayein, ‘Water’, ‘Kabul Express’ and ‘No Smoking’ but he believes that there are a few stories that need to be told, whether the film is a hit or a flop.

At the same time, the soon-to-be-producer tells Metrolife that he will make only commercially viable films. This way he is not only looking at getting his money back  but also attempting to package good stories in a commercial product.

One such film is the romantic drama I Me Aur Hum by first time director Kapil Sharma, in which John  is not only acting but also co-producing. “I have been producing many ad features and when this film came across I thought why not. I am keen on bringing forth good stories but being an MBA student I also am well aware that movies need a lot of marketing and promotions are a key to that,” says John, who was in the City recently to promote his latest film ‘Force’.

 After Dhoom, John has not done another action film until ‘Force’, the reason he says is because he wanted a good film to show his full strength. “The movie as everyone knows is a remake of the Tamil hit Kaakha Kaakha, starring Suriya. When I saw it I could really see myself in this role.

Moreover, I loved the way the relationship between the two people was shown in the film,” he says. He adds, “This was a story I wanted everyone to know and felt that it would be a great comeback into action as well. When Suriya heard that I was playing the role in the remake, he called me to say that he was very happy about it. I would have loved to have him see the film on the first day, unfortunately he is busy.”

John and bikes go hand-in-hand. Like a little boy, he lights up at the mention of bikes. Having worked hard to get the ‘Stallone’ look for the film, John says that the stunts are to be watched out for. “I actually lifted a bike over my head in this film. I really worked hard on the look and gained that strength to lift an actual bike but I am glad I did it,” he says.

And ever since his much talked about ‘break-up’ with long term beau Bipasha Basu, John has been under scanner every time he even talks to another girl. “I take everything with a pinch of salt. Yes, it was a hard for me to go through what I did, but time will heal everything and I am taking each day as it comes. Someday I would like to get married and settle down but that day will come when I am ready for it,” he sums up.