Zippy snails and sleek turtles

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QUICK SNAIL: Yes, you can quickly convert a big stocking into a snail – so famous for its slow pace.

Things you need:
-  1 long stocking
-  Pieces of old waste cloth
-  2 small buttons
-  Needle and thread (same colour as stocking)
-  2 beaded pins

Method: Stuff the stocking with the waste pieces of old cloth till full and tight. Turn in the open end of sock about ½ an inch and stitch up with small stitches. Starting at 2 inches from the stitched end (this will act as the tiny tail), coil the stuffed sock tight, till 2-3 inches of the other end are left. Stitch the coiled part together in such a way that the stitches are not seen. On the unstitched end, stitch on the buttons for the eyes and stick the 2 beaded pins on either side. Now flatten the lower part of the coiled portion with your hand to actually make the snail ‘sit’ on a flat surface.

COCO-TURTLE: Another slow and steady animal which can be made fast enough!
Things you need:

-  ½ a hard, brown coconut shell – round or oval
-  Old glove or thick cardboard
-  Some cotton
-  Strong glue
-  A small piece of paper
-  Paints
-  Needle and thread

Method: Smoothen out the coconut shell by scraping it with a knife or sand paper. Paint it with the design found on a tortoise shell and keep aside to dry. Cut off the ‘fingers’ halfway and the full ‘thumb’ from the old glove. Stuff them halfway with cotton and stitch up. Apply glue on the unstitched part of this half-stuffed thumb portion of glove and stick under the shell to form the head. Similarly, apply glue on the unstuffed parts of the fingers and stick in place under the shell to form the legs. Cut out round eyes from the piece of paper and stick on the head for the eyes. Like in Aesop’s fable, this tortoise is a sure winner.

*NOTE: If you are not using an old glove, the head and legs can be cut out of a thick cardboard and stuck. Baby turtles that follow the big one can be made with walnut shells (these needn’t even be painted) and cardboard.

PORCUPINE PIN HOLDER: This prickly ‘pet’ can be used as a pin-cushion.
Things you need:

-  A small rubber ball
-  2 coloured beads
-  Plenty of pins (preferably beaded)

Method: Carefully cut out the rubber ball into half. ‘Close’ one half of the rubber and cut 1 inch off the end, to form a folded triangular piece. Attach this piece on the other half of the rubber ball with pins concealed underneath, to form the head. Pin on the 2 coloured beads on either side of the face to form eyes. Prick the pins all over the half rubber ball (body), sticking them in halfway, to form spikes of the porcupine.

PHONEY PYTHON: Although just a stuffed toy, it could look real enough to scare anyone.
Things you need:

-  A large stocking
-  Pieces of old cloth
-  Needle and thread
- Glossy paints – grey and brown
-  Black paint

Method: Stuff the large stocking with the pieces of old cloth. Towards the open end, fold in the sides and stitch them up to make them look like a snake’s tail. Paint the eyes and outline the mouth with black paint. Paint the ‘snake’ underneath with grey glossy paint and let it dry. Paint it with brown glossy paint all over on top. When dry, make spots with grey glossy paint all over. Doesn’t it look ready to hiss?!

LITTLE LADY BUGS: These cute lady bugs can adorn your showcase or double up as paper weights.
Things you need:

-  Empty egg carton
- 2 small, light-coloured stick-on ‘bindi’s
-  Red paint
-  Black paint

Method: Cut out the carton cups with scissors and trim the edges neatly. Paint these cups red all over. With black paint, make a small bug’s face in one end and draw a thin line from it right across to the other end. Paint some black spots all over. Stick the ‘bindi’s on the face in place of eyes.

(Published 29 September 2011, 13:47 IST)

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