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Food Fix

Food Fix

Dusshera delights

Crunchy Boondi Burfi

Ingredients: Boondi — 4 cups (besan beeds), sugar — 1½ cups, water— 3/4 cup, copra gratings — 2 tbsp,  cashew bits and raisins — a few, cardamom powder—½tsp, cloves (crushed) — 6 - 8, khus khus (toasted) — 1 tbsp.

Method: Make a sugary syrup of two-string consistency; add all ingredients and only half of the khus khus and mix well. Cook it on a low flame till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. Pour on a plate and flatten. Sprinkle the remaining khus khus and gently press it down and allow to set.

Cut into squares or break into chunks while still warm; store in an air-tight container.

Cornflake Mixture

Ingredients: Plain cornflakes — 4 cups, boondi — 1 cup, kesari yellu — 2 tbsp, multi-coloured sweet caraway seeds (or saunf/jeera/til-coated with sugar syrup), cashew bits and almond slivers — a few, raisins — a few, thin copra flakes — a few.

Method: Mix all the ingredients and shake well and store.

Tip: Sweet caraways can be substituted with Cadbury’s gems.

Flaky Burfi

Ingredients: Rice flakes (medium) — 1 ½  cups, jaggery powder — 2 cups, groundnuts (toasted) — ½ cup, til seeds (toasted) — 2 tbsp, roasted bengal gram —  ¼ cup (putani), copra gratings (optional) — 2 tbsp, nutmeg powder — ½ teaspoon, fat (for deep frying rice flakes) — 2 teaspoons.

Method: Heat the fat and deep fry the rice flakes. Cool it down and drain out the excess oil using kitchen tissues. Keep this aside. Prepare a jaggery syrup with a thick consistency Add all the ingredients and stir till the mix leaves the sides of the pan. Pour it into a greased plate and flatten. Cut into cubes or break into chunks while still warm. Store them in an air-tight tin.

Tip: All these could be prepared in advance, as they last for 8-10 days.