H1N1: Exploring desi treatment options

H1N1: Exploring desi treatment options

Mashed garlic, boiled ginger, coconut oil, cow urine, cow dung figure in antidote list

H1N1: Exploring desi treatment options

This is not just restricted to India, even the countries across the globe are exploring the same.

Mashed garlic, boiled ginger, coconut oil, cow urine and cow dung all these might not be related, but they are looked upon for as a solution to the dreaded ‘swine flu,’ which has taken the lives of over 20 people in the Country.

Meera Aurangabadkar, a senior Ayurvedic teacher associated with the Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra Nagpur says, “Panchagavya, a formulation comprising cow milk, cow urine, cow dung as well as ghee and curd made from cow milk can prevent flu-like infections including swine flu by acting as an immuno-modulator.” 

“Various Ayurvedic medicines, particularly those prepared from cow products, have for centuries proved potent to build resistance against infectious diseases like flu. We would advise people to take the same along with modern medicines prescribed by experts," Aurangabadkar said.

She said cow urine concentrate, called ‘Ark’, could be extremely useful in protecting people against the virus and "probably" also in providing relief to those who have already caught the infection.

Dr Satyanarayan Bhat, Professor, Government Ayurvedic College, Bangalore suggests Garlic as the best preventive medicine. “By tying a cloth containing mashed garlic around your neck, you can keep the virus at the bay, it has been an effective medicine,” he said. He said this is a traditional practice in Malnad regions.

Bhat, who has documented the traditional system of medicine in the State, says that ‘Ginger- Peper Kashaya’ added with jaggery too is an effective medicine which can build in immunity in the body. Another doctor said consuming hot water along with lemon will increase the immunity among people.

Not just traditional medicines, even the yoga gurus are not left behind in the race to recommend medicines as spiritual guru and founder of the Art of Living Foundation Sri Sri Ravi Shankar stated that the country's wealth of ayurveda knowledge could counter the pandemic.

Hari Yogi, a yoga guru in South Delhi, says, “Viruses invade the body when its immunity is compromised. Since H1N1 is a droplet infection, it is important to perform nose and throat exercises. The logic is simple — if you maintain your body's immunity, you will not fall prey to viruses. Ayurveda offers simple and effective remedies to boost immunity and build resistance.” According to him, herbal medicines are known to cure fever and sore throat in a day.

International expertise
Not just the desi cures even International experts too are offering alternative and cost effective cures. Dr Tess Espino of the University of the Philippines-Los Baños advocates virgin coconut oil (VCO) as a cure says there is scienfitic basis for the claim, since VCO has lauric acid, a natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal compound.