Between the pages

Between the pages

Exam Fever

Preparing for examinations can be very stressful as there never seems to be enough time and it can get boring too.

 The tension is palpable as the students revise the subjects and answer mock tests. Metrolife spoke to the students of Garden City College about their preparation for the ongoing semester exams in the College.

Many students say that it is very important to follow a strict timetable. Says Rahim Dass, who will be clearing his backlog in Statistics and Mathematics, “During exams, you tend to get easily stressed. If you make a proper timetable, you can allot time to different subjects and study in a systematic way.”

Agreeing with Rahim is Pious Joseph, who is in the third semester of Fashion and Apparel Design.

He says, “I always make it a point to take a break between studying. It helps in remembering the points that I have memorised and in beating stress.”  Many say, exam preparation can become very boring if you do not give yourself enough time to relax.
Another aspect that many find helpful is getting suitable materials to study apart from practice tests and class notes.

Referring different books will help students know what the examiner is looking for. Priyanka M P, a final year media student, believes that answering as many mock tests as possible before exams will stand you in good stead.

Anushree Basu, a third semester Biotechnology student, adds, “I look through old exam papers with my friends. This gives us a clear idea of the important topics to be studied. I also refer various course books and notes given by teachers.”

Apart from this, what many think is important is keeping oneself up to date with the portion.  Priyanka says, “In the final year, we have double the portion we had in the previous semesters. What many students do is keep it all for the last minute, which we cannot afford to do in the fifth semester. You should prepare yourself right from the beginning of the year,” says Priyanka.

“It makes it easier for you to remember all that you have studied if you study on a regular basis,” she says. She adds that the time before exams should be dedicated to just revising the subjects and not memorising them.

Group study is something that many students swear by because it helps them learn things better. Group studies are enjoyable and less stressful too.  Says Vaidehi Krishnan, a second year Fashion and Apparel Design student, “Recently, when we had a two-day break between exams, I studied with a few friends of my mine. I find it very helpful as we get to share ideas and hence we can revise better. It is fun to study with friends and you finish the syllabus within no time.”

The different departments of Commerce, Arts and Science have exams which will go on for another two weeks.  The holidays between different exams seem to offer respite to many. But are these holidays important? Anushree, who has a week’s break before her next exam, replies, “When you have lots of portion to finish, having a gap between two exams helps. More the holidays the better. But if you are confident that you have studied everything, you just want to get it over and done with.” 

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