14-yr-old reflects feelings of students through poems

14-yr-old reflects feelings of students through poems

She certainly displays an ability to narrate and describe her feelings on a variety of complex issues facing the youngsters of the modern times through a beautiful medium--poetry.

Shubhi Jain,  just 14 and a student of ninth standard, has written her feelings on sensitive issues confronting children of her age in her first book--`Through my eyes…..’-a collection of 14 poems on different topics.

The subjects dealt with by her in her book clearly tell how strongly does she feel on those issues and make one wonder not only at he literary skills but also at the depth of her feelings. The various topics on which Shubhi has expressed herself ranged from suicides by the youngsters, teenage behaviour, parental love, generation gap and also terrorism and how they affect the young people. Shubhi’s book was released at the recently held National Book Fair at Lucknow in the presence of many litterateurs and academics.

Intrinsic feelings

“This anthology is a collection of such types of intrinsic feelings in the form of poems in English that come straight from the bottom of my heart ’’, she says. Shubhi says that most topics dealt with in the book are genuine problems faced by the youngsters.

“The poems reflect the various moods… whenever I came across incidents depicting different aspects of life, I put them in words’’, she said.

“We come across almost every day reports of youngsters committing suicide due to various reasons other than physical… the stress of studies…. of being successful, the competition… all these are creating a lot of pressure on the young people,’’ Shubhi told Deccan Herald.

Indeed every year, scores of students, commit suicides either after failing to get through the examinations or after poor results.

Shubhi feels that parental love may be the answer to many a problem. “The younger generation needs parental love and guidance… the youngsters will never feel stress’’, she says.

Alienated from tradition

No wonder, for Shubhi, her father and mother are source of inspiration. “I seek their guidance and they are always ready to help me’’, she said. Her poems deal with generation gap as well. “The modern generation feels alienated from traditions, relations… internet has become the refuge of the younger generation’’, Shubhi said.

“I have been writing since I was in fourth standard though they were never published’’, she said.

Incidently her father, who is a surgeon in the city, has also written many books on medical subjects but for the common people. A book written by her father entitled ‘Anubhuti’ (feelings), which also is a collection of poems in Hindi, was released at the same function.

“It’s a nice feeling.. to be standing besi­de my own daughter… not to accept any prize won by her but for the release of her book,’’ says the proud father Dr Vinod Jain.

It’s a bit surprising that Shubhi’s favourite subjects are Chemistry and Mathematics. Does her love for literature pose any hurdle in the study of science subjects? “Not at all,’’ pat comes the reply.

Shubhi plans to continue to pen her thoughts and feelings and says that one can expect some more books in the near future.

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