Beyonce feels uncomfortable in large groups

Beyonce feels uncomfortable in large groups

Beyonce Knowles

"I didn't go to regular school. I went to private school, then I was home-schooled because I was travelling with Destiny's Child. I didn't have a normal social life, and sometimes I think it's why I'm insecure around a large group of people. I shut down a bit. People expect me to be what they see on stage, but that's not who I am in real life," quoted her as saying.

But when it comes to her personal life, the 27-year-old who is married to rapper Jay-Z has always been confident because she knew she had a "lot to offer".

"I know some people worry people won't want to date you because you're famous, but I wasn't scared of that because I feel I have way more to offer than just being famous. I think that once people meet me and get to know me, you forget that I'm famous," she said.

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