A thought for earth

A thought for earth

Gadget freaks

A thought for earth

Savvy: Youngsters are fascinated by technology.The younger generation vouches for this of course! But all good things come with their own limitations. And with gadgets, the biggest disadvantage is their effect on the environment and the e-waste they generate.

Metrolife speaks to a few gadget-lovers to find out why are they smitten by technology and asks them if they ensure that they don’t harm the environment while using and disposing their gadgets.

Vybhav, a first year student of St Joseph’s College of Commerce, calls himself  “an Apple and BlackBerry addict”. “Something about them makes me go mad. I just love technology and innovation,” he explains.

However, he is totally against constant changing of gadgets. “Only if I lose a gadget, do I buy a new one. So in that way, I don’t feel I am causing harm to the environment. Besides, if you know what you want and go for the right gadget, you will automatically not want to change it,” he adds. “Another thing to keep in mind is that instead of going for the more advanced versions of the same gadget, you can upgrade the software if possible,” he advises.

Rohit Mascarenhas , an engineer, has assembled a high-end desktop computer himself. “I have two phones — Galaxy F2 and another one for work — and a Lyca SLR Camera. I have always been fascinated with technology. When I was younger, anything related to technology seemed like magic to me. I think it’s a ‘guy thing’. Boys always want to learn how things work and what kind of technology has gone into the making of a certain product.”

As someone who likes making long-term purchases, Rohit likes his gadgets to last long.

“I am not one of those who changes gadgets every six months. Most gadget-freaks get satisfaction keeping it for a long time.”

Another way in which Rohit ensures that he minimises the impact on the environment is by reselling. “Most gadget-freaks are members of forums and have a group of friends with whom they discuss products apart from buying and selling. It’s like a food chain,” he notes. “It’s always advisable for the younger and newly-interested gadget-lovers to start with second-hand products. I always make sure I resell my gadgets,” he says.

Sandeep, an employee of ITC Infotech, is a huge gadget-freak and even gives advice to his friends every time they want to purchase a new gadget.

“Technology keeps changing every second and the market has a lot to offer. Earlier, the cellphone used to be a luxury but now it has become a necessity,” he says. Sandeep owns high-end speakers, laptop and desktop computer, Iomega ScreenPlay device etc to name a few. “Some of the newer gadgets are more eco-friendly than the old ones. For instance, the LED and LCD screens consume less power and less space than the old CRT televisions,” he notes. “The LED screens are meant to last a lifetime so once you buy one, you don’t need to change it for a long time, which helps you reduce e-trash in a way.”

He even owns a high pressure washing equipment. “It actually uses less water. For instance, a Maruti car can be washed with a bucket of water,” he says.

With the market overflowing with a number of innovative gadgets and new ones coming in with each passing day, just spare a thought before buying a gadget and make sure that you don’t cause a grave impact on the environment.

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