Relax! You don't need a mask unless you're ill

Relax! You don't need a mask unless you're ill

Relax! You don't need a mask unless you're ill

But experts say, it is not required for everyone to wear a mask. Many doctors have been complaining that masks are not available now for the medical staff.

CEO of Wockhardt Hospital Dr Lloyd Nazareth says that since H1N1 Influenza has cast its spell, the masks have disappeared from medical stores. 

“I don't understand why people walking on the road should wear masks, it is meant only for the medical staff and infected patients,” he said.

According to a doctor from RGICD, the price of triple layered masks (green and blue masks) was just Rs. 2 or 3, cost of N95 mask was just Rs 150.  But now the triple layered is sold at Rs 20 or 30 and N95 is sold at Rs 500 to 600.

Santosh, a chemist shop owner says that the suppliers are selling masks at a very high rate. “We are just making a marginal profit out of the supplies given to us,” he said.
Ideally, masks are meant only for person suffering from flu like symptoms and the medical staff.

Head of Infectious Diseases, Manipal Hospital Dr Purnima Parthasarathy said, “If a child is ill and is suffering from H1N1 Influenza, then the mother ideally should wear a mask while taking care of the child.”

She further added that, virus will be present in droplets, if any infected person sneezing or coughs without closing his/her mouth in a crowded place, there are chances of that person infecting others. 

“Wearing a mask when you are in a highly ventilated areas is definitely not required,” she said.