Politics not dirty, but it's not easy either: Govinda

Politics not dirty, but it's not easy either: Govinda

"Changing profession was very difficult. I won't call politics a dirty game, but it is not an easy game either. I was sad when I couldn't match up with the talent in the political world. I realised that I should focus on something that gave me name and fame, something that had changed my life - acting," Govinda told IANS.

The 47-year-old, who made a comeback with the 2007 release "Partner", in which he had teamed up with Salman Khan and director David Dhawan, says returning to acting was not easy.

"Coming back to my industry after the political stint was a very difficult phase for me. I really had to struggle a lot to make my presence felt. It was like starting from scratch. You feel empty. There were moments when I felt very embarrassed," he said.

The actor feels it is not easy to survive in politics.

"We actors are popular names. We are recognised at every step, but we can never be politicians. The way it is headed, the approach, the thinking process - honestly we don't have it. We might get into the field, but to survive there is not an easy game. We feel out of place because we lack the political knowledge," he said.