Centre may okay shifting of jumbos

Centre may okay shifting of jumbos

An estimate of Rs 1.4 crore submitted to the state government for expenses

Damage: File photos of crops that has been damaged by wild jumbos and an elephant straying into a village.

Though an official communique regarding the same is yet to be received, officials will begin to plan for the massive operation, post paddy-harvesting season in early December, which involves more than 25 elephants since they have turned into a headache for the farmers. 
“We had written to the centre in the month of September seeking permission to relocate the elephants. We were given favourable reply with written part pending. So, we will go ahead and start planning,” he told Deccan Herald here on Thursday.

Having decided to camp at Igur in Sakleshpur taluk and Magadihalli in Alur, along with few other places under consideration now, the officer said the department is in possession of one cage to move the captured elephant.

“There is a need for another cage and we have asked for the same to be provided by the government. A Mysore-based company has been entrusted with the responsibility of making strong ropes required for the operation.

Tamed elephants

About 10 tamed elephants from Chamarajanagar, Dubare and Bandipur would be brought for the purpose,” he said adding three doctors would participate in the operation.

“We have convinced the centre that there is no other alternative left as against shifting the elephants from Alur.  We had even submitted an estimate of Rs 1.40 cr for state government.

Government has already released Rs 10 lakh towards purchasing a lorry and jeep each, and tents for the camp. If things progress on good stead, the entire operation can be completed in 3-4 months,” he said.

Elephant corridor

Setting up of Elephant corridor, camp to tame and train elephants could be other proposals that are regularly suggested by the Centre.

However, department is not planning to take them any further for various reasons. District has about 58,000 hectare forest area, with Sakleshpur belt alone having nearly 21,000 acres, as against small patch of forest in Alur.

Their hunt for food can be very easy near Sakleshpur and surrounding areas. There is an additional 23,400 acres of forest that belongs to Revenue Department. If this can be given to forest department, about 25,000 acre can be used as additional land for elephant corridor.

Now, with 371 farmers submitting applications to give their lands for acquisition for the purpose of creating elephant corridor, government needs to take a decision regarding the same, he added.