AIBA looking to fix skirt issue

AIBA looking to fix skirt issue

AIBA spokesman Sebastien Gillot said on Friday that the world body had never suggested skirts should be compulsory and the association was surprised at the way a clothing controversy had snowballed in the last week.

“It’s quite frustrating to see the way in which this news has been going around,” he told Reuters. “We are aware that it's a very sensitive issue.”

Several women boxers have criticised attempts to encourage them to wear skirts for what seemed to be purely aesthetic reasons.

Lausanne-based AIBA said the ‘uniform’ issue would be discussed in January by its technical and rules commission, which would make recommendations for the executive committee to make a final ruling.

“At this point in time, AIBA is seeking a consensus from the worldwide boxing family and the wider public for reference purposes,” said AIBA in a statement.

Women’s boxing will be making its Olympic debut in London next year with three gold medals available. The women were offered skirts for the first time at the world championships in Barbados last year.

The BBC said at last year’s European women's championships in Romania only Poland and Romania used skirts, the former designing their own and making them compulsory.