'Kannada used for popularity'

'Kannada used for popularity'

Threat to language

Valuable antiques displayed at the district Kannada Sahitya Sammelana at Adichunchanagiri in Nagamangala taluk, Mandya district on Sunday. DH Photo

Due to such an attitude, people coming from other states are hesitant to learn Kannada and instead promote their mother-tongue.

He was speaking at the 10th district Kannada Sahitya Sammelana at Adichunchangiri in Nagamangala taluk on Sunday.

Despite the threats faced by the language, the people are yet to give attention to Kannada literature. The education system is also a reason for the lack of awareness.

The present education system was formed by the Britishers. Atleast after independence we should have created an alternative system. Those studying in the present system emerge as delicate human beings. They think that if they don’t get a government job then their life is wasted. A person should have the freedom to work in the area of his interest, he added.

Commenting on the drawbacks in the system, he said universities in Karnataka are failing to address the issue and think that their duty is only to teach lessons.
Rajegowda said literature is a mirror to the society. A litterateur writes only after studying about the society and provides solutions.

Speaking about the closure of Kannada medium schools, he said the government and upper strata of the society were responsible for the increasing number of English medium schools. A person can get the first rank in competitive exams if he knows sign language.

These exams are made keeping in mind the elite few. If the government was really interested in helping the needy, why would they ask questions such as who is the president of USA to those who are aspiring for the post of a second grade assistant, he questioned.