A small ashram with a large heart for elders

A small ashram with a large heart for elders

Twilight years

To stay away from the hassles of families, some senior citizens prefer to join these homes. In most cases the families themselves admit the elders to senior citizen homes.

The senior citizens spend the evening of their lives in their own way by meditating, gossiping and other activities in the ashram.

One such ashram is located near Jayappanahalli Gate of Dibbarahalli in Shidlaghatta taluk. The ashram run by Nivedita Gramabhivrudhi Sangha is located in a three-and-a-half acre campus.  

This ashram is quite different from the ones run in the city. It does not accept any money from the families, but it is run on government grants. Twenty senior citizens live in a small structure.

The residents come from different backgrounds from places like Tumkur, Puttur, Kaiwara, Bagepalli and Shidlaghatta and are living a life of peace.

The senior citizens home was established six months ago on a land taken on lease by Kambalahalli V Narayanappa and Dibbarahalli Shivanna.

Facilities such as meals, snacks, medical aid, medicines and television have been provided. There is a seven-member staff for cooking, washing and watchman among others.

“The residents are engaged in gardening, singing bhajans, viewing television and reading newspapers”, says Sunil Kumar, the manager.

“Earlier there were joint families and the elders had a place of honour in the family. But due to the trend of small and nuclear families these days, the elders live a life of imsecurity.

“Familes do not realise the loss caused by lack of elders in the family.  Moral values, tradition, history, anecdotes, suggestions for family lives, agriculture and farming tips were all rendered by the elders in the family,” Reddy said.

“The tradition of respect for elders by the young generation should not disappear. Voluntary organisations, schools and other institutions should at least once in a year organise picnics or observe world elders day among the elders”, says Venkata
Reddy, a teacher.