Global education draws more local students

Global education draws more local students

Among the 450-odd students, approximately 400 received a recommendation letter from a foreign university and dozens went back with an admission form in their hands.

On the spot admissions were mostly given by the middle level UK universities trying to lure more students from this part of the world. About 50 universities from six different countries attended the one day interact function.

Not willing to call the education exhibition as a ‘fair’, Bindu Chopra director (South),
The Chopras Consultancy Firm said: “Students and parents are counselled because many are unsure about many factors like time, finance and safety. This time the quality of students is so high that the lowest percentage we got was a 55 per cent.

Also, 90 per cent of them have gone back with a recommendation letter.”

The recommendation helps students use the letter along with their portfolio once they apply to a University abroad. It however does not guarantee admission.

The demand was higher for UK universities and few parents also showed resistance
in opting Australia as an option for studies. “There is a bias by the parents when it comes to choosing a country for their child. Australia is still great but the mindset of parents is such that they follow the negative happenings in the news,” said Bindu Chopra. There were many students who arrived at the interact function unsure about their higher studies.

Private counselling helped majority speak to the right universities at the function. One student came to receive guidance from the counsellors regarding post graduate study in architecture.

While she was not looking for an on the spot admission opportunity, 24-year-old Sobia Rafiq, said: “I simply came to find out if there are good UK universities offering the course. I mainly wished to get some guidance and counselling regarding the same.”

An official representing University of Leeds commented, “While the interact happens in eight cities, the variety of ideas amongst young minds is highest in Bangalore.

This also makes it tough for us to choose a student from this city. But there is a great potential that we are trying to tap.”