The balancing act

The balancing act

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Shaman Giri

Garden City College

“I think it’s a good thing. It gives you money for the little things you may need, like a friend’s birthday or to watch a movie. You don’t want to keep asking your parents for money always. It teaches you the value of money. You respect things more. The next time somebody buys you things you realise how much handwork has gone into it.”

Justin Jude, CMR

“It’s a good because of the exposure you get. I know how the corporate world works, how to approach people, how to communicate with them. I think working for money for clubbing and other such things isn’t good but if you have to support your family then that’s different. One should work for the exposure.”

Gaurav Jayaprakash, CMR

“I’ve been working since I was 17. I earn my own money. It feels good to spend your own money. In India, we depend on our parents for money unlike in America where you are expected to move out and fend for yourself once you turn 18. Working makes you more responsible and confident. It prepares you for the world and boosts your morale.”

Abhishek Kulkarni

 “Working while studying would deviate one’s concentration from studies. There will
be too much pressure on the students, who wish to balance both; their performance in studies will dip.”

Deepthi P V
National College, Basavanagudi

“Till the time we get an opportunity to be a student, we should study. The rest of our life is for meant earning, so we shall earn then. Now is (student life) the time to learn and
not earn.” 

Anmol V
St Joseph’s PU College
“Those who are working surely can’t concentrate on studies, which in return will hamper their future opportunities in studies and job. Without good education, they can neither secure their lives nor that of their parents.” 

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