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American VIP’s were also subjected to such ordeal in the past

When the Indian students are being continually attacked in Australia and so far such attacks are continuing unabated, there is no meaning in internationalizing a solitary instance of humiliating the Bollywood super Star at US airport. Even American VIPS like Senator Edward Kennedy and former Vice-president of US Al Gore, the scientist who was famous for his findings in Global warming were being subjected to such ordeal in the past and no internationalizing of those incidents was made in such a manner as of SRK's case. The External affairs Ministry has issued a statement that his ministry will take up the issue with the US authorities; let them take up the issue of attack on Indian students first before taking up the issue of humiliating the film star of the Bollywood.

B S Raghavendra Rao,

Welcoming the real heroes in the Champion’s trophy

The return of Rahul Dravid as well Sachin for the Champion trophy will definitely strengthen middle order. Dhoni must utilize the potential of every player to win the trophy .The inclusion of leg spinner Amit Mishra is really surprising so is the omission of Rohit ,who was rated very high as far as ODI's are concerned.

Inamdar Ramachandra

Incorrect information

Apropos of the article “Dhow Art, Beypore: Glorious tradition of boat building” by Akber Ayub (Sunday Herald, August 16, 2009) I would like to point out the grave factual errors. While the article aims at bringing to light the boat building traditions at Beypore on the south-western coast of India, it contains embarrassingly wrong information that brings down its value. The following two are important among them.

The Suez Canal was built by French engineer Ferdinand De Lesseps and was opened in 1869. So, boats or ships built in Beypore could not have sailed through the Suez Canal at the times of Cleopatra who lived in the first century BC, as the author claims.

Similarly, HMS Victory, the flagship of the British admiral Lord Horatio Nelson who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, was designed and built by Sir Thomas Slade, Surveyor to the Royal Navy, at Chatham Dockyard in Kent, England, and launched in May 1765. The Chatham Dockyard has a well recorded history spanning several centuries and was a regular supplier of ships to the English Navy.

R M Paulraj

Jaswant Singh should clear his historical facts with Advani

Positioning Jinnah in a great esteem and a great Indian and blaming Pundit Nehru and Sardar Patel in maligning the image of Jinnah is absurd and out of sense expression by Jaswant Singh. The nostalgic friction of remembering Muslims of post independent India by Jaswant Singh is surprising, the leader is endeavoring to rejuvenate himself and reinvent his party (BJP) from its status of ‘nationalist party to convert a party with differences’ but the latest musings by jaswant Singh may receive applaud for him from Pakistan as he chose the timing to do it but not in India. It was Jinnah under the banner of Muslim league that echoed the air for separation and entice the natives along with his followers that gave the Britishers an opportunity to stroke the last blow on India in dividing the nation by separation.

However, Jaswant Singh should clear his historical facts with Advani for renewed facade of the party statement that will now be counter defensive game to correct impression or personal expression.

Syed Khaja
New Delhi

US Prez Obama

I hear the Obama Administration talk of getting a health bill passed by compromise.

Maybe the so-called public option can be used as a bargaining chip to bring the Republicans to the table.

So what do the Republicans say? That Obama is not a U.S. citizen, and has no right to be President, that his plans are Socialist and contain death panels.They hope the Obama Presidency fails.

I cannot think of a single nice thing that a Republican Congress member has ever said about Obama or his plans. Not  one. Can you? Where does Obama get the idea that Republicans want to work with him? They clearly don’t want to.

Lars Deerman

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