Treading the organic path

Treading the organic path

Healthy trend

The interest to know more about organic food is evident at BioFach India, an international organic trade fair organised in association with India Organic, at Palace Grounds in the City.

The fair provides a platform for organisations, that import organic food from different countries, to market and popularise organic products. It is an effort to make people aware of these products and the health benefits associated with organic food.

Apart from selling various organic products, there are some stalls that encourage people to take to organic farming. There are stalls from abroad too. The expo has many visitors, who are curious to know more about the concept of organic farming.

Johny Vadakkumchery, a visitor, said, “The fair has participants from different states and countries who are trying to make people aware of the importance of organic food and its health benefits and how organic farming improves the environment.”

Said Shivkumar from Greenleaf BioTech, “There are multiple organisations that manufacture and promote organic food but the concept is still not clear to
ordinary people. Effort should be made to educate people about organic farming.”

Stall-owners are happy with the response of the people. Veeresh M N of the Spices Board, Ministry of Commerce and Industry Government of India said, “We are trying to make people aware of the importance of organic food. We have a variety of spices like cloves, coriander seeds, cardamom, mustard seeds, pepper, chillies and cloves. Through the stall, we are encouraging people to take to eco-friendly methods and consume organic food.”

Lucas Dengel from The Biodynamic Association of India said, “The quality of food in the market is deteriorating. This not only affects one’s health but also the soil and the environment. It’s a chain reaction.”

This event is also an effort to encourage farmers to grow organic food. Said R Ravindra, Assistant General Manager of Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export
Development Authority (APEDA), “The organisation is also supporting training programmes for those interested in organic farming. There is a huge demand for organic products in the export industry. Now everyone is aware of the health benefits of organic food.”

Speaking about the benefits for farmers, N Balasubramanian, CEO of Sresta Natural Bioproducts Private Limited, said “If farmers opt for organic farming, they can regain the fertility of the soil within a span of three to five years. As the input comes from one’s own farm, farmers need not be in debt to invest on the seeds.” The expo is on in the City till November 12.