Notificaiton issued for implementation of Majithia Wage Boards

Notificaiton issued for implementation of Majithia Wage Boards

"The Ministry has notified Wage Boards recommendations," a senior Labour ministry official said.

The Union Cabinet had on October 25 approved the recommendations which will benefit more than 40,000 employees.

The revised wages will be applicable with effect from July 1, 2010 while the other allowances like Transport, House Rent and Hardship shall be effective from today, the official said.

As per the recommendations, which were approved by the Cabinet, the revised payscale is based on old basic pay plus DA admissible upto June, 2010 plus 30 per cent of the interim relief which has already been given.

The revised pay comprises variable pay at the rate of 35 per cent for employees working in the first four classes of newspaper establishments and 20 per cent for remaining classes of newspapers. The variable pay should be added in the revised basic pay for calculation of all allowances.

In the case of news agencies, the Cabinet note had recommended similar parameters for the first two classes and the remaining for the other two classes.

The Government had constituted two wage boards in May 2007. The Chairman of the Wage boards G R Majithia submitted the final report to the Government on December 31 last year.