It's all about living it large...

It's all about living it large...


Convenient: Many youngsters find staying in hostel an easy option when they first move into the City.

Though one can choose from hostels, Paying Guests (PG), apartments or houses, youngsters say each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Most students find college hostels an easy option at first.

But soon, the strict rules and regulations push them to move to PGs located close to the campus.

“I used to stay in a hostel before. It had very strict deadlines. Not only did we have to return early in the evenings, but switch off the lights soon too. So there was no question of late night studying. Even a few PGs are strict but comparatively, they are far more relaxed when it comes to such things,” says Aruna, a student.

Getting the right kind of PG is also important. With an overflow of PGs in the City, there are many factors that one needs to look at before moving into one.

Prerna, a professional, says that before shifting into a PG, she always looks into many things including the kind of space available in the room and facilities like food, water and even parking space.

“There are many kinds of PGs and you must choose one that suits your lifestyle. Plus staying in a rented apartment can get too expensive in a City like Bangalore. That’s when PGs come in handy. The biggest advantage of a PG is the fact that you need not worry about small things like electricity and water that otherwise need your attention when
you are staying alone,” she adds.

Not all agree with this. Ankit, a student, who stays with his friends in an apartment in Koramangla, says it is far more economical when a group of people share all the expenses.

“Living in an apartment definitely comes with its share of responsibilities — one needs to make sure the place is maintained and the neighbours aren’t troubled. But it is also light on the pocket as everything is divided equally between us,” he adds.

Raksha, a professional, who has lived in a hostel, a PG and an independent house, says that while she enjoys living on her own, she does miss the company of friends in a PG.

“One surely gets to meet different kinds of people while staying in a PG or a hostel. And that really helps you become more independent and learn about different cultures. When I started living on my own, I did miss having friends around but gradually, I realised that living alone too has its advantages as you need not worry about getting back on time or
sharing a cupboard or the bathroom,” she adds.

While each living condition is as tempting as the other, at the end of the day, it all depends on an individual and how he or she makes the best use of the situation.