Try minimal, on your wedding day

Try minimal, on your wedding day


With the much-awaited wedding season approaching, all brides must be getting apprehensive about arrangements for the big day, trying to look unique, yet their best, all combined with excitement and anxiety of tying the knot. Even the most organised bride with the best laid-out plans can exhaust herself trying to find the perfect way through the glittery market of abundance, but what sets you apart is often your personal style statement that’s difficult to substitute — it may lie in the unusual motif of your mehendi or the unconventional colour, design or material of your lehengas.

Here are a few tips on how you can make a mark on the grandest day of your life. Sooraj Chwla is an expert in designer wear and owner of a collection called Belle Couture. Talking on the trends this season, Sooraj has noticed a tremendous change in the mindsets of brides in every aspect of the wedding culture — be it rituals, customs, traditions or the outfit. “Brides these days are getting very experimental, they do not want to stick to tradition, where  they are seen wearing a saree/lehenga, etc. They want something different,” he adds.

Every woman’s dream for her wedding is to have the perfect wedding outfit as she knows all eyes are on her and she wants to look her best in her own unique way.  Sooraj has noticed this change in the way designers have loosened their creativity to include a rainbow of colours, designs and materials, which are now considered acceptable.

“Brides do not want to wear the same old red/oranges for ceremonies. In an era where there are wedding planners for the entire wedding, most weddings are theme based and the outfit becomes part of the decor too. Colours are not restricted. Even though yellows, golds are the new maroon and red, the whole blend of these skin colours and tones with bright vivid combinations are working great,” adds Sooraj.

When it comes to the material to be used to make that one-of-a-kind attire, Sooraj says, “There is no limit to the blend of different fabrics that are used in a single bridal outfit but there is a lot of western influences in today’s outfits, and this means mixing and matching traditional Indian fabrics like silk, jamewars, etc and blending them with lycra and nets all in a single outfit. So far the best choice of fabrics for a bridal outfit is the Indian fabric.”

The look of the bride is the greatest ornament to complement the whole get up. Brides no longer get heavily decked up as they now follow the common saying — when it comes to make-up, less is more. Very few like to take that risk of going overboard with make up and a heavily-ornated attire.

“We have far superior products than we used to earlier and with the already heavy bridal attire, one doesn’t really need to deck up,”  Sooraj advises. Keeping it simple and making sure that the make-up goes with the bride’s skin tone not only makes her look the best she can but gives her a look that’s worth remembering. Remember, minimalism is the way forward.