Government forcing wrong appointment, says Governor

Government forcing wrong appointment, says Governor

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the valedictory of the Krishi Mela at the Gandhi Krishi Vignyan Kendra (GKVK), the Governor said there was no dearth of good judges in Karnataka.

Yet, the government was delaying the appointment of the Lokayukta, he said.

In his speech at the valedictory, Bhardwaj said the government should offer maximum subsidies to farmers on the lines of Europe where farmers get excessive concession in education, health, loans and other services.

“Farmers are not well off. They work hard throughout the day, but sadly they do not get to eat themselves. They produce milk which they supply to the cities, without keeping it for themselves. Is it not the duty of the society to support them and strive for their well-being” asked Bhardwaj.

“Provide good schools and hospitals to farmers. They are the most honest people. Unlike industrialists, farmers never default in repaying loans,” said the Governor.

Underscoring the growing menace of middlemen eating into the profits of farmers, Bhardwaj said that the government should work to provide proper market and ensure competent prices for their produce.