Clash of good and evil forces

Clash of good and evil forces

Mesmerising moves

Since this was the first time this performance was being held in the City, the audience were eagerly waiting for the recital to begin.

Many had read rave reviews about the production and felt that it was a performance
they didn’t want to miss.  Said Devaiah, who had come there with his family, “I have heard a lot about Malavika Sarukkai and her performances. When I read that she was bringing a new dance production to the City, I wanted to come and see it live.”

Before the recital began, the dancer herself came  forward and introduced the recital as the dynamic and complementary tensions of devi as the vitalising life force and Shiva as the primal energy.

The production also showcased the primeval clash of good and evil forces, with the good emerging victorious.  She also stated how she discovered herself through this production.

“I want to dedicate this recital to my mother who  has been my constant
encouragement through this recital,” said Malavika. The solo performance began with Mahesha Tandavam – Shiva’s dance. The piece described the incident of Lord Nataraja’s anklet falling off his feet and landing on earth.

And it was at this point  that the syllables of dance originated. This was then followed by Sringaralahari, a recital that paid homage to the devi. Composed by Mysore
Lingaraj Urs, it spoke of the beauty and grace possessed by the devi.

Shankar, a member of the audience, said, “There is a whole other feeling of watching a live performance with musicians on stage reciting the songs. The effect and  the story of the piece really come alive in front of the  audience.”

The following two recitals, Eka Lakshyaha Margaha – ‘The Many Paths to  the One’ and Mahishasuramardini – ‘The Fall of the Demon’, were described by the dancer as her greatest challenge. She also mentioned that the two choreographies are completely distinct.

While one included the concept of nritta, the other unfolded the narrative epic of the fall of the demon. The production was welcomed by the full house who gave Malavika, a huge round of applause at the end of the show.

Vineeta, who had come to watch the performance  said that she was delighted  to see such an energetic performance. “I really liked the recital. It was unlike any other bharatanatyam recital I have seen,” she added.