KAUPB to act tough on quacks

KAUPB to act tough on quacks

Karnik calls upon students to be honest to their profession

Dignitaries holding the audio CD of ‘Ashtangahridaya’ recitation. DH Photos

Addressing the inauguration programme of the decennial celebration of Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital in Mangalore on Tuesday, Capt Karnik said that since other streams of medicines provide quick relief by giving symptomatic treatment people prefer them over Ayurveda, which treats the root cause of the problem.

 “When compared to other forms, Ayurveda may not be profit oriented but it is not inferior to any other branches of medicine. Ayurveda is superior because of its rich tradition,” he said urging the Ayurveda students to be the real ambassadors of their profession.

 “You should take pride in your profession. The dedication and commitment you have to this profession will help Ayurveda to be the top most branches, which India can gift to the world,” he added.

He opined that medicine became a commercial venture only recently. “The moment you decide to compromise with your profession you are starting the process of degradation in your field. You should fight against this tendency, which is not healthy,” he said.

Youth against corruption

Karnik urged the youth to join the fight against corruption. “Do not always blame the politicians when the matter of corruption comes to light. You should act against it. But before doing that, you have to question yourself as to whether you hold the credibility to fight against corruption,” he said.

Karnataka Ayurveda and Unani Practitioners Board (KAUPB) President Dr Satyamurthy Bhat said that Ayurveda is now marching on progressive path. “Thirty five years ago, the scenario was not like this. There was a huge shortage of teaching faculty, Ayurvedic hospitals and clinics. But now Ayurveda is enjoying the same status like Allopathy,” he said.

Quacks beware

He said that KAUPB will take stringent actions against the quackery prevailing within Ayurvedic fraternity and other medical streams. “We have got many complaints against many unregistered practitioners who do not have any credentials”, he said. “We are planning to implement certain rules and regulations to prevent such persons from misusing the profession”, he added.

An audio CD of ‘Ashtangahridaya’ recited by third year BAMS student Shivapriya was released by the chief guests during the function.

SCS Hospital Managing Director Dr Jeevaraj Sorake, KAMC Principal Dr Attavar Muralidhar were present during the function.