New hope for 2G scam accused

New hope for 2G scam accused

“It has something to do with the correct legal position being postulated in the order by the Supreme Court,” said Ram Jethmalani, senior advocate for Unitech Limited MD Sanjay Chandra.

“According to me, the judgement of the courts  showed that jurisprudence had  been totally distorted,” Jethmalani said, adding that the Government has lost its credibility.

DMK leader T R Baalu said there was “good hope” for the other accused now.

Senior criminal lawyer Majeed Memon, who is representing Swan Telecom Director Vinod Goenka in the case, said that the apex court has thus “laid a foundation” to granting  bails in the case, adding that the bail to his client and others was “overdue.”

“Today’s order, in my humble view, was overdue. However, we welcome the approach of the Supreme Court towards granting bail to the accused, which is in accordance with the cardinal principle of jurisprudence on presumption of innocence,” Memon said.