It's raining superstitions...

It's raining superstitions...


Lighting three cigarettes with the same matchstick or giving someone a wallet without money is considered unlucky.

Many a time, dogs whining at night when someone in the house is sick is considered to be a bad omen. Sometimes, certain parts of the day and year are termed as inauspicious. The list of superstitious beliefs in India is endless. But do people blindly believe in superstition?

Or do they feel it’s just a false belief? Metrolife speaks to a few people to find out. Some are of the opinion that not all superstitious beliefs are false. “There are chances of these superstitions having a scientific explanation, which the believers or followers may not be aware of. In my opinion, these superstitious beliefs do not apply to those who work hard.

They matter to those who hardly work,” says Talen Claude, a student.
Many consult astrologers to fix the date and time of an important task. Nikhil G K, a student of St Joseph’s College, says, “It has become a practice to consult an astrologer to fix the date or time of any important work. There are many who watch TV shows based on astrology and follow these religiously.”

There are many superstitious beliefs related to one’s career as well. Some feel wearing a particular dress during an exam or an interview can help them fetch more ma­rks or get a job. “I do not beli­eve in such superstitions. It is hard work that matters and not superstitious beliefs. There are some who write with a particular pen during exams even though they may not be comfortable writing with it. They consider pens to be lucky enough to fetch them good marks in exams,” says Vignesh Vishal, a student of the same college.

One of the most common superstitions is that of a black cat crossing the road, which is considered a bad omen by many. Kishor, a self-employed professional says, “These beli­efs were present even during ancient times. Certain superstitions with a scientific base cannot be completely discarded. But some beliefs, like the si­ght of a eunuch being lucky, ar­e irrelevant in a world which is advancing in science and te­c­hnology. The word ‘supers­t­it­ion’ is subjective in nature.Wh­at is considered lucky by one may be unlucky for another.”