'Mohan bought 10 bottles from same shop between May-June 2009'

'Mohan bought 10 bottles from same shop between May-June 2009'

Cops bringing Mohan Kumar to produce before the court in Mangalore on Thursday. DH photo

On Thursday, the issues related to the recovery of a dead body in a public toilet in Hassan bus stand, Mohan staying in one of the lodges in Madikeri using false name and pledging of gold with one of the financers in Thokottu were taken up for hearing.

While five witnesses gave their statement till the lunch break, one witness gave the statement in the afternoon.

Mohan who is doubling as his own advocate quizzed three witnesses but left the other three go without any counter questions.

Before the hearing could start, Mohan submitted a letter to the Judge which read that the gold chain which was pledged by him with one of the financers did not belong to Anitha, one of his victims, but instead belongs to his wife.

Responding to this, the Judge said that Anitha’s brother had identified the chain on the first day of the hearing.

“If you wanted to submit an objection, you should have done it on the same day,” said the Judge who went on to ask Mohan if he want the prosecution to arrange a lawyer for him.

“If you wish the prosecution will appoint a lawyer at government’s expense,” said the Judge.

Mohan responding to this, had only nodded his head, without clarifying what his answer was.

First witness

Henry D’Souza, a receptionist at Vinayaka Lodge in Madikeri was the first witness of the day who said that Mohan had come to the lodge on April 13, 2009 along with a lady named Shanthi and stayed in the lodge. Next day both had left the lodge together but Mohan returned to the lodge alone to check out.

D’Souza said that he had registered his name as Sudhakar Acharya in hotel register. The police had come to the hotel four months later, enquiring about the same person, he said.

Cross question

Quizzing D’Souza, Mohan Kumar asked if Shanti was wearing a ‘Magalsutra’ and if the accused Sudhakar Acharya has introduced her as his wife.

Second witness

Hassan KSTRC Bus stand Security Guard Channaiah giving his statement said that he learnt that a dead body of a lady was found in one of the toilets on June 18, 2009 at 11.30 am. “The body smelled pungent and we suspected that the lady must have consumed poison.”

At this point, Mohan intervened and questioned Channaiah if he had seen the lady coming to the bus stand in the morning.

Judge put an end to this argument started by Mohan by saying that the question is irrelevant as the Guard had come to know about the dead body at 11.30 am.

Third witness

Cyril D’Souza from Kavoor revealed to the Court that Mohan over the last five years has been purchasing tiny bottles from Sai Traders, Central Market, where he is working as a Manager. During May-June, 2009, Mohan had bought 10 such bottles from his shop, said D’Souza.

When Mohan questioned D’Souza as to how he can remember by face hundreds of customers who come to his shop, D’Souza was adamant that Mohan had purchased bottles from him.

Other witnesses

Suresh K, a welder from Bantwal identified the things that were worn by the lady who was found dead at Hassan.

Fifth witness Dinesh Rai, proprietor of Raghavendra Finance Thokottu, said that Mohan had pledged three chains and other gold ornaments in his finance shop on June 20, 2009, and had taken Rs 15,000.

When the ornaments were presented before the Court, Rai identified them.
Suchivratha Shetty was the sixth witness of the day.


On Friday there are possibilities of some doctors giving witness, said Special Prosecutor Cheyyabba Beary.